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Twits, lend me your eyes!

5:40 PM 7/9/09 · As previously mentioned, here or there, I finally caved and joined Twitter. Took me a bit to get used to it, and I'm a long way to fully getting all the little tricks yet, but I seem to be doing okay...

...hasn't been a full month yet, doesn't seem like it anyway, and I've already got 60 followers.

That said, I'm

A litle bit back I went skimming thru the search functions and then thru the follows of my actual friends that're on there. I'm currently following about 100 people, most of which I get SMS redirects to my phone (unlimited textging is a beautiful thing). They're an even mixture of sockpuppets, fetish models, porn stars, and people I either know or are on my LJ friendslist.

It's the basic stuff I'm still struggling with. Apparently 'nudge' before a users name will send them a message to indicate you miss their tweets. If you just type 'stats' it will send you a message back telling you how many you're following and how many follow you. Generally 'b' and then a username will send a personal message but not if that person isn't following you. If you include a name in your own tweets with '@' just before it then they will know you mentioned them in one of your tweets...

...and that's about all I know so far.

If there's a directory of these little commands I haven't seen it yet. Haven't really looked but it wasn't part of my introduction package.
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